Kicking The Spectrum® is a Martial Arts inspired program developed to teach and inspire students with special needs to combine fitness and wellness for life.

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“We were told by many of our 6 year old son’s therapists and doctors that he had weak muscle tone and the suggestions were to put him in an activity like karate. The only problem was that we couldn’t find any karate classes for asd kids and a class with typical kids wouldn’t be good for our non verbal son. We were so happy to find Kicking The Spectrum….there’s nothing like them anywhere!! Stephanie a BCBA Therapist and David a black belt martial artist make a great team! He learned to focus, follow instructions and loves going every week!”
Sandra, mother of 5 year old
“We are huge fans of Kicking The Spectrum. Our 13 year-old son, Max, runs into the gym each Saturday excited for “karate, please.” David and Stephanie make a fantastic team: they combine his karate training and her ABA background to create just the right balance of structure, technique and fun. Max’s progress has been a joy to watch. He is motivated to push himself further each week. The results are better fitness, flexibility and – most importantly – self-confidence. Max is clearly having a blast and so are we!”
Melanie, mother of 15 year old
“KTS has been such a positive experience for our four year old son! He benefits in many ways. The first benefit is the impact he has had from more physical exercise. He has become very strong from his weekly sessions. The other benefit is his attitude. He takes pride in waiting his turn, and in allowing the teachers to handle disputes instead of getting involved with the other children. We are grateful for the time and care that they take in both my son’s well being and the program they design each week.”
Vanessa, mother of 9 year old
“Kicking The Spectrum has been a technicolor bright spot for our family in the often gray horizon that is having a child on the spectrum. Our daughter has improved leaps and bounds (literally) in her physical skills and David and Stephanie engage our daughter, they care about Ava and make her laugh and giggle in a way that thrills us.”
Barry, father of 7 year old
“My son has thrived at Kicking The Spectrum. It teaches him focus, self-control, respect and helps build his muscle tone. I am so happy there is a program like this for my son.”
Jill, mother of 10 year old
“We love KICKING THE SPECTRUM!!! Our son Adi has come such a long way from the first day he started and he so looks forward to the weekend when he gets to go to karate!! When he first began he couldn’t get through the whole class but now he flies right through it!! David and Stephanie and their amazing team are always there with their happy faces and big hugs!! They are wonderful with the kids and such a source of support, advice and encouragement to us parents! So glad to have this fantastic resource available to us!!”
Aishwerya, mother of 9 year old
“Our 8 year old son Dylan is challenged by Global Apraxia which affects all of his motor planning including speech, as well as ADHD…Kicking The Spectrum and their talented instructors have offered Dylan greater confidence in his own body movements, greater concentration, pride in his personal accomplishments with each belt ceremony and new friendships outside his school circle. The instructors create a level trust in their students that encourages them to achieve even difficult movement patterns and karate skills. KTS also offers a creative and necessary balance of instruction and free play within each class.”
Lori Beth & Michael, mother and father of 8 year old